Robby Estabrook Makes Nationals During His First Year of Track

2nd In The State Javelin Thrower.

Robby Estabrook Makes Nationals During His First Year of Track

Lily Tanner, Writer, Reporter


On March 20th, Robby Estabrook had his first Morgan Outdoor Track practice. After spending his past spring sport seasons 

on the baseball team, Robby decided to change things up. He said, “Baseball was starting to get boring because I didn’t have any interest in it anymore, so I switched to track because everybody said it was a lot of fun and all the people were really nice.” Over the summer, he went to a camp at the Navy for track, with the sole purpose of getting in shape for running. The coach then went and asked him to throw the Javelin once he had found out about the arm Robby had for baseball. Once he got back home from camp, he “started throwing it, and everything kind of just took off from that point.” Little did he know this was going to make a huge change to his high school career.

At the beginning of the season, Robby expected to be decent at this event, considering the coach from the Navy told him it seemed as if he had been practicing this for several years. Robby claims he did not expect the competition to be what it was at these meets. He said,“I had no idea what I was getting into really, and then after the first four meets, I started to think that I can do something pretty cool.” Robby said, “So I did a lot of arm care training and footwork training over the summer and fall, and then when basketball season hit, I took a bit of a break and then got back into throwing before the season started. I did a lot of strength and conditioning training too and a lot of video analysis of some professionals throwing Javelin, so I could get better at it.”

Robby started off with a decent distance, but with the practice and training he put into Javelin, he easily slid into that number 2 in the State slot. This alone was a huge accomplishment, but we cannot ignore the rest. In Robby’s first year of doing outdoor track, he broke the Morgan School’s record of 147”1’ by Cameron Williams, and knocked it up to about 169”8’. He also made Track and Field New Balance Nationals in Philadelphia in just a few weeks. At his first track meet, Robby not only qualified for Shorelines, but also knocked the state’s required distance out of the park. He threw 147” his first meet, when Shorelines required 110” and States required 130”. 

On June 15, 2023, to June 18, 2023, the New Balance Nationals in Philadelphia will take place. There are four separate divisions at these nationals: Middle School, Freshman, Emerging Elites, and Championships. Robby will be attending these nationals with Coach Jared Stevens, and Coach Brian Gendron. To prepare for Nationals, Robby will be “doing a lot of push-ups and go down to the field and throw a lot and ice my arm quite a bit every other day.” Robby made phenomenal progress in his Outdoor Track and Field Career in one season. Wish Robby luck at Nationals!