Get Ready For Morgan’s Annual Poetry Out Loud!


Poetry Out Loud Contestants after final round is over

Poetry Out Loud 2013
Poetry Out Loud 2012-2013

Photos by Mike Baker and Katt Wilkinson|

Written by Maggie LaCross|

One of the greatest literary honors in Morgan is to win Poetry Out Loud. Poetry Out Loud is an event held here at Morgan where participating students recite poems to the best of their abilities. Schools all across the country hold Poetry Out Loud competitions. It’s a great way for students to express themselves and share their love of poetry. Last year’s winner was Eli Phelps, now a senior. This year, it could be anyone.

When I asked Catie Lamontague, junior, what she liked about participating in Poetry Out Loud she said, “It’s really cool to go up on stage and recite a poem that means a lot to you and share your interpretation with the rest of the school.” She also explained to me that it wasn’t memorizing a poem that was hard to do, but the performance you gave of it. “It wasn’t difficult to memorize; it was the performance part that was difficult. Anyone can get up and read a poem… it’s adding the emotion that makes it come to life.”

Interested in competing in this years Poetry Out Loud? See Ms.Wickam (There is a sign up sheet on her door). For rules and eligibility visit here. All poems  students chose must be selected from the Poetry Out Loud print or online anthology. Students are scored based on an evaluation sheet made by the judges.

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