College Help for Seniors: Essays


Written by Amanda Garbinski |

As Seniors complete college applications and continue to visit universities, the college essay is dreaded.  It shouldn’t be hard, right? Finding a topic that explains YOU seems like a simple task, especially after writing our junior year, ten-page, term paper.  However, after many months, seniors still struggle to find the perfect essay that will “show” colleges who they are.  With less than 650 words to write, seniors place their application on pause, waiting for the “right” essay to share to their prospective future.

Here are some samples of essays by our own Morgan students.  Even though the topics cannot be copied, hopefully the essays will help you to decide what organization is right for explaining your own experiences.

Amanda Garbinski Baby Bird

Katie Costello On One Foot and Growing Wings  

Paul Michael Mullally The Quiet, Diligent Student

Danielle Nobitz  College Essay

Amanda Lucas Why Pensacola?

Logan Irmscher What a Book Can Do

Jonathan Markovics Permit Failure