The Breakdancing Math Teacher


Written by PaulMichael Mullally |

Interviewed by Katie Costello |

Mr. Brown is one of two of the newest additions to our math department. Mr. Brown double majored in Mathematics and Statistics at Rutgers University. However, education was not his first step into the professional world; Brown was first an actuary at the Hartford Insurance Group for four years. He felt his profession as an actuary was not his true passion causing him to take a step into the realm of education. Brown returned to UConn for his masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Brown now teaches the UConn Early College Experience class Probability and Statistics and can be considered a “UConn professor;” in addition, to Prob and Stat, he also teaches Geometry and Algebra I.

As he continues to develop as a teacher, Brown looks forward to moments when students are able to grasp new concepts and when he is able to help students accomplish their own individual goals. He hopes he can help make math a subject that is equally as relevant to real-life applications as it is interesting.

Brown has also taken an extra step to get involved with students after-hours and has ran several times with the Cross Country team. Brown is an active runner himself and has participated in a marathon; he hopes to eventually become a coach of the Cross Country team.

Our new math teacher also has a slightly hidden talent, break-dancing! Feel free to check out the few scuff marks  on the floor in the front of Mr. Brown’s classroom as proof; some students even snapped a quick video of it and posted it to their own social media pages.