Morgan’s Technology: Cons and a Pro


By Kendra Dean |


Technology difficulties in the Morgan school are not rare.  Students and teachers tend to have difficulties when accessing websites, logging onto the computers, and Wi-fi isn’t always available.YouTube was supposed to be available to teachers but there are some teachers who still do not have access to it.


While teachers are trying to get the technology to work kids are missing out on learning. Mrs. Neumann and Ms. Shook said, ” I do have trouble accessing YouTube. I can get on to YouTube, but a lot of times it won’t let me actually play. I agree that it is a disruption to the students’ learning.” Mr. Zawadski said, ” Sometimes the internet works; sometimes it does not. It takes too long to load, which wastes class time.”

The Journalism students used to have difficulties posting articles because the website they use, WordPress, was inaccessible. It’s a miracle that they could even post articles every week. Occasionally, the PawPrint staff still has difficulties. It is very irritating when our articles are done, but we can’t post them because we aren’t able to get on to WordPress.

Owen Zamecnik said, ” I just think our technology sucks, and WordPress never works. It prevents us from doing our classwork. We really need better internet service.”

Emily Zirkelbach said, ” It’s just aggravating because when you want to get something done, you can’t. It takes away time from moving on to write about something else, and sometimes you won’t be able to finish something you wanted to during the class period.”

Kelsey Novak said, ” It makes it difficult to edit work or continue writing an article.”

The Journalism students don’t always have technical difficulties though, sometimes the technology works! They are now able to get the monitor in the main lobby to display images of The Morgan PawPrint.  However, it takes a great deal of time to load images and create announcements onto the camera card that allows the pictures to display.  Videos also cannot be played.  The PawPrint staff hopes that soon a computer will be available that will allow them to display the actual website on the monitor rather than images of the website.

The district is hiring a new technology staff member to take John Crovo’s place. His retirement has left a lot on Mrs. Thayer’s shoulders. Once our new technology director arrives, Mrs. Thayer, who currently handles technology at The Morgan School, will have some additional support.