Swoosh For Change Is Back

Students Will Face Off Against Teachers on March 16th From 6-8

Katie Martin, Chief Editor, Writer

Swoosh For Change is a basketball game between students and teachers. It will be on Thursday, March 16th, from 6-8 pm. All proceeds will go to the class of 2024. Come out and support!

The Students: 

Joshua Nobitz

Alyssa Ruthstrom

Christian Harris

Riley Kuever

Matthew Menacho

Ryan Luciani

Seamus Staunton

Jake Mastriano

Jake Caprio 

Anderson Darr

Ravi Kadel

Matthew Lopez

Fernando Serrano 

Sebastian Kadlof

Abe Adams-hull

Jacob Jones

David Mantilia


The Teachers: 

Chad Neri

Brian Gendron

Jessica Lynch

Eric “Make It Rain” Carroll

Ally Holmes

Michael Hogle

Jared Stevens

Ryan Radziewicz

Ryan Florentine

Jessica Mularski