BeReal: Is Morgan Real?

Morgan Students Being Real at School

Logan Pernal, Staff Writer


For those who may not know, BeReal has been a recently trending app. The app sends a notification out to all users once a day and within the two-minute time frame given, the app takes a front camera picture as well as a back camera picture simultaneously. If the user does not post in the two minute time frame, when they do post it, it will show other users how late they post. The app also blurs photos posted by friends if the user hasn’t posted yet. This idea of blurring pictures as well as stating how late the users posts makes authentic. The point of the app is to “Be Real” which makes it different from other social media apps which revolve around editing pictures and not being genuine. BeReal initially came out in 2020, but two years after its release its monthly users increased by more than 300%,.This is when the app began to trend with young users. 

BeReals’ main appeal to young users is to reduce the feeling of perfectionism when posting on social media. Although there is no editing or retouching of photos, users do still have the ability to post anytime after the notification goes out. This is one of the similarities between BeReal and other social media apps, where users can be unauthentic. 

Overall, when it comes to social media, we live in a world where anyone can alter or edit their pictures to make their life seem better. It should be known that people’s lives on social media aren’t as good as they seem. 


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