Questioning the Cords

For Now, Cords Remain Here at Morgan

Amelia Whelan

What do graduation cords mean to you? Here at Morgan, students can earn ten different graduation cords if they are a part of a specific organization. This is a sacred tradition that many students look forward to since they signify different areas of study and interest. They show the outstanding academic achievements of a graduate.

Different cords Morgan offers

Rumors abound that our school could eliminate this long-standing tradition. Principal Keri Hagness declared that we are having cords, but she is willing to hear students’ ideas of creating a new custom without cords. Last year, a few individuals proposed a participation cord and a new style of graduation robe. While Mrs. Hagness attempted to try and grant these wishes, the majority of seniors strongly opposed this new concept.

In the United States, taking away graduate cords has gained popularity. For example, a high school in Rolesville, North Carolina did not allow students to wear their cords for the graduation ceremony in 2019, which sparked controversy. Some may believe cords are a meaningless rope that students will only use for one event. Others see cords as a representation of their determination and achievement throughout high school. Taking away these valuable emblems on this monumental day because some students may “feel bad”, may be unfair to the hard workers of the class. “I really want to walk across the stage in my cords, show how hard I’ve worked, and it’s taken away from me like that,” said student Ashley Kelly from Rolesville High School.

Assistant Principal Luther claimed, “we have had them since I have been a teacher here.” Mr. Luther began his career at Morgan over twenty years ago. Senior Kacey Edwards isn’t expecting to get any cords at graduation and she explained, “I would feel poorly for the kids who have spent their entire high school career working for their rigorous classes to eventually get a cord, to not even get one.” In my opinion, our class needs and deserves to be recognized with chords on graduation.

Cords are important here at Morgan, and they mean a lot to the students who have worked so hard for four years to earn them.