Jim Spinnato Hypnotizes


When Jim Spinnato came to visit The Morgan School on Thursday, October 3 the audience was amazed at the power of the subconscious brain.  Mr. Spinnato described hypnotism as the subconscious brain taking control and making your mind “susceptible to suggestion”.  One example he used to help the audience connect hypnotism to everyday life is driving home and forgetting how you got there or the scenery on the way.  The subconscious mind takes over while the conscious mind almost sits there and listens.

Jim Spinnato showed us how the human brain can subdue itself when relaxed and trusting.  Many of the students up on the stage were acting completely out of their element, probably similar to how they may act at home or around people who actually know them.  Like Mr. Spinnato explained, a volunteer would not do anything he/she did not feel comfortable doing, so when my sister, Jessica, was up on the stage I was not surprised because I have seen how she acts at home.

Hypnotism, even if it is just for entertainment, teaches us that our everyday mindset holds more back than we may think.  Click on the image below to view pictures from the performance.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 2.01.24 PM