Students’ Opinions on Class Rank

Mixed Opinions on Class Rank


Aurora Smith, Writer

If you are a freshman and have heard of the term class rank, you must be curious as to what it means? Class rank is a measure of how a student’s performance compares to other students in their class. Class rank is typically seen in a percentile form. 

Senior Bridget Orr believes that students in the top 10 should know their class rank. Beyond that, she thinks that it makes students stressed for something that doesn’t matter in the end.

Bridget Orr, Senior

Senior James Nguyen thinks that class rank shouldn’t matter to anyone unless you get praised or get something in return for it. James also feels that “the top students should know, therefore, they can receive recognition for their hard work”. 

Senior Sara Gelven has also shared her opinion on class rank. She feels that “they have been very detrimental towards people’s mental health surrounding school, and they don’t reflect who we are as students.” This was the overall consensus of what students have shared. Even though there are many strong students in school, they are still decimal points away from each other for class rank. Sara shares that she “doesn’t think they serve us” well. Sara said, “especially with intellectually competitive classes, it is making things more competitive rather than what can I get for the grade”.

Muntara Singh has also shared her thoughts on class rank. She thinks that class rank can be important in such aspects, since it gives college admissions context on how well students have done in high school. She also thinks that class rank could be too weighted because colleges want to see who you are as a student rather than what your percentile in your class is. Muntara feels that class rank does not define who you are and how hard you work. A piece of advice she gives to underclassmen is to be proud of what you have done and not the number given to you on a screen.

Muntara Singh, Senior

Recently, parents and staff received an email about class rank and GPA for high school students at Morgan. This new policy means if students take additional rigorous classes including, Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and Early College Experience (ECE), the Board of Education must weight these classes for grade point average (GPA) and class rank. Students in the top 10 will be the only ones who know their rank, Senior year. This policy has been open and used since August.