Mrs. Kaestle Retires

The Founder of Morgan’s Forensics Program is Retiring


Mrs. Kaestle’s Advisory

Morgan Science teacher Karen Kaestle is retiring after teaching here for twelve years. Mrs. Kaestle teaches chemistry and forensics, a class she created here at Morgan, ten years ago. Before working here, Mrs. Kaestle attended both Brown and Princeton University. She had a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and worked for Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals. She worked in a lab, worked with small molecules, peptide synthesis, enzyme studies, and also collaborated with people in both clinical, and research and development areas. She then earned a Ph.D. in chemistry. Later, she met her husband, got married, and moved to Chester, CT. Mrs. Kaestle then had her two sons and stayed home with them for a couple of years. From there, she got certified to teach and came to Morgan.

Mrs. Kaestle (Brittany Chapman)

Mrs Kaestle said that she is excited to be retiring but is going to miss the wonderful people here. She said, “The science department is awesome. I love the people I work with. The students are terrific and having that interaction every day is so great. It’s wonderful to come to work.” She looks forward to being able to travel and explore other part-time career paths. She isn’t sure exactly what life will look like after retirement, but she said, “I am definitely going to travel. I’m looking at Egypt or Peru to see Machu Picchu. Hopefully next fall. I also have a ton of projects, like our cabin and house, which need tons of work, so that’s the current plan.”

Mrs. Kaestle loved being able to work at Morgan. One of her favorite memories was being able to visit the FBI training lab. She said, “That was really terrific. We went down to New Haven, and they showed us all of what they do. The kids had a terrific time. It was awesome.”

After she retires, Mrs. Kaestle said that she will miss her students the most. She wants her students to know “As you go through life, your grades won’t matter, but your learning will. I hope for each and every person that I work with, that they have an opportunity to build themselves as learners and focus less on grades.”

Mrs. Kaestle’s Room, A29

Morgan’s Assistant Principal, Chris Luther, recalls the great time he had working in the science department with Mrs. Kaestle while he taught biology here. He said that all of her classes are constantly participating in hands-on activities which helps kids learn. Mr. Luther said, “I had the privilege of working with Mrs. Kaestle during her whole career at Morgan. She was in my science department, so we had a great relationship. She is an outstanding teacher who taught me so much.” Mr. Luther also said that Mrs. Kaestle is irreplaceable here, and he is going to miss working with her.

Mrs. Kaestle and Mrs. Lisy

The Morgan community is sad to see her go but wishes her the best of luck with all of her future plans after retirement.

“Thank you for teaching and being such a good teacher and allowing me to find my love for science and chemistry!” – Sophomore Leah Scoppa

“I’ll miss you! Thank you for teaching in such a fun way. I will never forget your chemistry class!” – Sophomore Molly Vitola

“Thank you for teaching! We had so much fun with you this year, and are sad you are leaving. Good luck with everything!” – Sophomore Julia Kelly

“Thanks for being a great teacher and being the best forensics teacher.” – Junior Sadie Lyons

“Thank you for being such a good teacher for sophomore year, we’ll miss you!” – Sophomore Julia White

“Thanks for always believing in us during chemistry!” – Sophomore Chloe Jackson