Slowly Leaving Our Final Marks


Written by PaulMichael Mullally |

The Class of 2014 has seen three waves of seniors set the standards for school spirit. But this year, the seniors have set the standard in a different way. The Class of 2014 is out on a mission to take this year’s school morale to a whole new level. The chemistry that this class has is outstanding; it’s a matter of true bonds. This past Friday (September 27th) seniors were outfitted in their class-shirt, spiriting school and class pride. Nearly 80% (about one hundred students) of the class participated; most students who wore the shirt made an extra-special trip to the cafe at 7:25 in the morning to snap a quick picture. Granted I’m a bit bias, but I’ve seen this class grow over the past four years, and its been something remarkable.

As I’ve held the class ‘presidential-office’ for the past two years, I’ve been able to collaboratively accomplish many successful projects because of the support and aid that the Class of 2014 has shown. Most prominent would be Swoosh for Change, an event that is now a proud Morgan tradition. Swoosh for Change, in short, is a charity basketball game between Morgan faculty and students; the event features a half-time show by a local band and raises funds for an appropriate, recent cause that advocates positive change.  “Swoosh,” as its called for short, has grown exponentially in terms of attendance and total-profit amounts (for specific stats, refer to the article linked on this page). On behalf of the Class of 2014, I am proud to announce that Swoosh for Change will make an exciting return with many new surprises and changes, most likely to be announced in January.

But the real question is, what happens to this newly developed tradition when the Class of 2014 leaves for their next chapter? Well, multiple classes have already approached the Swoosh for Change coordinators, Liz Bradley, Ms. DelGrego, and me, asking if they can snatch the project under their wings. This decision will be announced in January, along with the other new surprises.  In hopes, we’d like our school-pride  and traditions to be passed-on and spread to the remaining grades, to create an excited and proud dog pound for now and the future.

In the mean-time, this year’s student council has planned an exciting homecoming week that will create the ideal husky pride:

  • November 21st-27th:  school spirit week (specific themes will be announced soon)

  • November 27th (half-day): homecoming parade and game

In fact, student council wants your opinion; check out this link and log in with your Google account to vote for your favorite spirit days/themes for homecoming.

As a community, join the seniors in their expedition to pass on the tradition of school spirit by sporting your DogPound t-shirt, attending a home-game, participating in homecoming, and maybe even helping plan Swoosh for Change 2014.

Unite in pride: Together we are Morgan, Home of the Huskies.