Dirt Bike Life is Not Easy

Accessibility is an Issue


Brittany Chapman

Damion Coleman

Dirt bikes are made for people to have fun on. Although many people like riding dirt bikes in the woods, there are a group of dirt bike riders that do not. These riders have no place to ride their dirt bikes beside the roads. Believe it or not, we only have around 6 decent-sized tracks in Connecticut, and many of these tracks are dirt.
Dirt bike owners can legally drive the bikes on their property, but not everyone has a large yard with room for a track. This is usually what causes dirt bike riders to start trying the road.
When it comes to riding on the road, it is usually illegal. There are a lot of laws that regulate how and what someone can do while on their bike. In Connecticut, dirt bikes must be registered, street-legal, and the driver must be licensed. “Mini-Motorcycles (Pocket Bikes) cannot be

Damion Coleman (Brittany Chapman)

registered, and continue to be prohibited from use on any roadway or sidewalk. These vehicles have seat heights that are less than 26 inches.” This means that if a bike is too small, it is not eligible to be registered. Also, these bikes need to have a street-legal kit on them to be able to ride on the road, as well as, a license plate on the bike. This street-legal kit includes thousands of dollars worth of plastics that are needed on the bike.
When it comes to registering a dirt bike, it is not easy. Many dirt bikes cannot go through the normal motorcycle registration process. They

have to go through a certain kind of inspection called composite motorcycle inspection. In Connecticut, we only have one of these inspection lanes, and it is about $88 just to get in line for inspection. To be able to get this inspection done, a person must have the original Certificate of Origin. This certificate is not just a title. It is a document that is passed down from owner to owner from the beginning of the bike’s life. It can be very hard to retrieve this once it is lost because there is only one, and they need the original, not a copy.
The issue with these requirements is that they cost a lot of money. Just registering a bike in Connecticut costs around $150. Having to inspect the bike is $88 as well. A bike that simply meets the size requirements of being street legal costs around $3,000-$10,000. This can be very costly to dirt bike riders who are usually young children.
We should have more tracks and areas where dirt bike riders can ride their bikes. Giving ridiculous requirements to young kids about getting their bikes registered just brings stress to these children’s and parents’ lives.