Congratulations to Our Top 10 of 2022

Michael Sacta, Editor/Writer

Each year The Morgan PawPrint celebrates the graduating class’s top ten students.  This valedictorian of the class of 2022 is Tarik Hasic. The salutotorian is Wiliam Curry. Members of the top ten also include Jessica Flannagan, Calian Steahle, Abigail Vitola, Taylor Maher, Garret Garbinski, Tim McComiskey, Margaret O’Donnell, and Kailina Olcott.

Tarik Hasic

Tarik Hasic, the valedictorian of the class of 2022, will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He plans on majoring in computer science and getting his bachelor’s and master’s degrees to work as a computer programmer. Tarik is captain of The Morgan School boys tennis team and is also part of the Haddam-Killingworth and Morgan swimming CO-OP team. He is a member of the robotics and Spanish club. In his free time, he enjoys coding, playing video games, and driving around town. Tarik will always remember all the smiles teachers had teaching and the joy they brought to the school making the atmosphere at The Morgan School wholesome and memorable. Never be afraid to try new things is the message Tarik Hasic leaves behind as the 2022 school year comes to an end

William Curry is salutatorian of the class of 2022. He will attend UCCON (Storrs) to become a William Curry

psychiatrist. Will is a big fan of anime, boxing with his trainer MPower, and doing theater for Kidz Konnection. He is grateful for the people he has met during his time at The Morgan School and the friendships he has made. Will wishes the students graduating from The Morgan School an amazing post-graduation experience.


Jessica FlanaganJessica Flanagan will be going to The University of Rochester to become a biomedical engineer to create prosthetics in the future. Jessica enjoys painting, reading, and playing soccer and during her time at Morgan, she was part of the Model UN Club. A special moment at The Morgan School for Jess was during her senior year when they won shoreline championships for soccer.


Cailan Steahle will be at Bryant University for the next four years to major in finance and minor in

Treasurer Cailan Steahle (Leah Scoppa)

economics to complete her 4+1 program to get her MBA. Cailan enjoys playing lacrosse, hanging out with friends, trips to the beach, and driving around. She will remember the amazing school spirit that the Morgan Dogpound showed at the school games and the energy brought to the pep rallies. All the students were super energetic and cheering on the Morgan sports teams. The Morgan School isn’t like other schools. We all are respectful of each other like family because no one else does it like Morgan.

Abby Vitola Headshot
Abby Vitola Spring 2022

Abigail Vitola in her free time swims competitively, reads, crochets, is on the high school bowling team, and likes to eat ice cream. She will be going to Lehigh University and plans on majoring in environmental engineering and hopefully pursuing a minor in art history. Abigail’s future plans are to travel America and all around the world after college and visit some national parks on her trips. The most impactful part of Morgan for Abby was the teachers and sporting events that she would go to and participate in. She played for Dodge for Difference and will always remember weird things and the special moments that happened during her time at The Morgan School.


Taylor Maher

Taylor Maher enjoys playing soccer and will be taking her talents to Franklin Pierce University to play at a Division 1 level. She plans on majoring in health science and transitioning into the Franklin Pierces Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. Winning the Shoreline Championship as a freshman and senior year were some of her memorable moments, but winning Shorelines as a senior was one of the best moments for her because she did it alongside some of her best friends on the soccer team.


Garret GarbinskiGarret Garbinski will be playing Division 1 baseball as a pitcher at Manhattan College. He is part of the National Honor Society and the vice president of student government. He also enjoys going to the gym to work out and talking about fiances with Mr. Richetelli. He is active in many sports playing football and baseball and was part of the ping pong team. Garret’s plan is to come out of college debt-free with a decent amount of money and a bachelor’s degree. He plans on finding an internship and hopes to find a nice entry-level job in Manhattan. Garret praised The Morgan School for being like one big family supporting each other during games, coming together at spirit weeks, school dances, and pep rallies. Garrett thanks Morgan for an amazing high school experience.

Tim Mccomiskey


Tim McComiskey likes to watch sports, hang out with friends, and spend time with his girlfriend. He will be attending the University of Rhode Island (URI) to pursue his pharmacy degree program and work in the pharmacy department. The Morgan School brought so many people together, and he will never forget the memories he and his friends shared throughout his time at Morgan.


Margaret o'donnellMargaret O’Donnell will be attending the University of Fairfield to major in environmental studies. She hopes to join the club field hockey team at Fairfield. She enjoys spending time with friends, going to the beach, and listening to music. She was also part of the tennis and fencing teams. Margaret is part of the National Honor Society, band, and the spirit squad at Morgan. She will remember the community she and her classmates created during her time at Morgan by getting involved in clubs, meeting new people, creating new relationships, branching out and trying new things, and going to school games to cheer on the school team.


Kailina Olcott is going to the University of Vermont. She enjoys art, motor cross, and snowboarding. Kailina’s future plans are toKailina Olcott become a graphic design artist for a snowboard company. She wants to thank the teachers for being outstanding role models who helped her graduate during her time at Morgan.