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How Things Have Changed


By Kelsey Novak and Kendra Dean |

Many things have changed since this year’s seniors were freshmen. Morgan has changed: We have gained and lost teachers and administrators, the rules have changed, and we have new security procedures.

We asked a few seniors some questions about how things have changed for them:

Do you feel that you have gone through a great deal of growth?

Brandon Novak: “Yes, freshmen year I failed six out of 7 classes during the first quarter in career classes. By junior year, I had moved up to all college prep classes and my grades went up.”

Kevin Astudillo: “Since freshman year, I didn’t expect anything to change, didn’t think anything would. Each year I seemed to actually take in everything I learned from the previous year. One thing that I have seen such a growth in has to be my way of looking at things from a bigger picture and learning from every class.”

What kind of rules have changed within the past four years?

Sarah Spotts: “We use passports now. We have to sign in to the library now, before we didn’t have to fight for a spot. You could enter through any doors in the building. We didn’t have powerschool until my junior year. There was no junior portfolio. Also, the dress code has changed, we are no longer allowed to wear hats, leggings, or yoga pants.

Kevin Astudillo: “Not able to express yourself as much.”

Have you grown close to a specific teacher, staff member, or student?

Brandon Novak: “Ms. DelGrego, Mrs. Gallagher, and Mrs. Cuzzolino.”

Colton Reynolds: “Mrs. Luther.”

Can you agree with the famous statement, “High school is the best four years of your life.”

Kevin Astudillo: “Yes, it’s all what you make of it.”

Brandon Novak: “Yes because after high school it’s either college or real world to work. Once you leave reality kicks in. It’s the most freedom you’ll have in your life.”

Do you miss anything that used to be here/happened that is no longer available?

Sarah Spotts: “My sister.”

Colton Reynolds: “The lack of security.”

How has Morgan changed for YOU? Comment below!

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  • T

    themorganpawprintOct 7, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    Another change occurred today: the velcro black out panels arrived for our classrooms!

  • M

    Mrs. HagnessOct 2, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    I enjoyed reading the student perspective on their four years.