Morgan’s New Lively Kitchen Manager

Chef Jay Learns The Way Around The Kitchen

The new kitchen manager, Chef Jay, is a great addition to the Morgan cafeteria. Chef Jay came to Morgan because he wanted a better quality of work-life, and Morgan provided that for him.

Morgan Cafeteria

His impression of Morgan was that it is a very nice community with friendly students and staff.

Chef Jay took the position of kitchen manager so Mr. Siciliano can pay more attention to Joel and Eliot.

Before becoming a cook, he was a military veteran in South Korea and Iraq.

He has always been a Connecticut resident and attended Xavier High School and UConn.

Jay learned to cook at a young age and has cooked for over thirty years. Along with his kitchen manager position at Morgan, he does private catering upon request. In the past, he has worked in commercial and industrial accounts and restaurant managing.

Chef Jay says that he does not plan to make any changes to the Morgan kitchen, everything was in place when he accepted the position.

Chef Jay is a father of two children named Kayla and Brendan and became a grandfather four years ago. When cooking for his family, he said that his favorite meals to cook are anything seafood related. When he is not cooking, he enjoys fishing and watching his favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. Chef Jay said that he has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Morgan so far, and hopes to continue to serve the Morgan community.