Students who take ECE Allied Health And Marine Science Get College Credits

Sophia Pacileo and Lily Harris give feed back about ECE classes.



The Morgan School offers many classes that prepare students for certain career paths. A couple of classes in particular that Morgan offers are ECE Allied Health and ECE Marine Science. These classes are UConn classes, and students earn 2 college credits for taking these classes. These classes involve hands-on learning, dissections, vocabulary.

In ECE Allied Health, vocab is a big part of this class in the beginning because students need to know the terminology. It gets less, later in the year. The quizzes are only on vocabulary, and they are on Google forms. Mrs, Lisy makes the class fun by letting the students draw on tables with chalk markers. For example, she lets students draw their hearts on the table, and then students take videos. Students do take notes at least every other week or so. People may hate taking notes, but, hear me out, it’s not that bad, especially if they like the subject. This class is directed toward people who want to pursue a career in the medical field, such as nurses, doctors, or others who want to pursue a science career.

Another ECE science course, Marine Science, is directed toward people who want to study the ocean and the ocean animals. These credits for these classes should transfer to many colleges, giving students a head start on their college education.

Dissecting A sheep Brain

Mrs. Lisy has taught ECE science classes for about 7 years. Prior to the class becoming ECE, Mrs. Lisy was teaching Anatomy, which she taught for almost 15 years. Mrs. Lisy explained that she changed the course from Anatomy to ECE, “ So that students can get college credit in high school.” She also said it is good for the students to challenge themselves and to use the resources UConn gives to students. Mrs. Lisy said that she enjoyed teaching ECE because of the content that’s in the units and how they are able to go more into depth about different topics of science.

Senior Lily Harris took ECE Marine Science her junior year. Lily said she wanted to take the class because she knew the content would be interesting. Also, Marine Science was always an interest of hers because of the marine animals and the different animals that live in the ocean. Her favorite part of the ECE class was all the labs she did. The reason she enjoyed the labs was that they helped her learn and understand the content of the class a lot better.

Lily’s favorite activity in that class was her final project because they were able to choose their own topics and study something very interesting that she wanted to learn instead of just being given an assignment. She took the class because she thought it would be something interesting to learn about. Lily said she sees Marine Science as more of a hobby than a main career.

Heart and Lung Dissection

Junior Sophia Pacileo is taking ECE Allied Health. Sophia said she wanted to take this class because she is interested in medical science, and anatomy ties into it as well. Her favorite part of the class is the labs because they are in-depth and help her learn a lot. Sophia’s favorite lab is the kidney dissection lab because the colors used to represent the different parts made it easier for her to learn. She took this class because it is interesting and thinks it will help her later on with her major. She is planning on going into biomedical engineering or radiology once she graduates from Morgan.