Seniors’ Choice for Class Trip

Block Island is Top Choice


Brittany Chapman

Senior Jonathan Blair

For many years, it has been a tradition here at Morgan, for the graduating class to take one last trip together before the end of the year. On February 9, 2022, Mrs. Hagness announced that this year’s class trip will be paid for with a grant from the Morgan Trust.

During this assembly, Mrs. Hagness shared some options for our senior trip: Block Island, Six Flags, Brownstone Park, CT Sports Center, and the Clinton Beaches with food trucks. In the past, seniors went to Six Flags and Brownstone. Mrs. Hagness said she will send a Google Form to decide on the trip destination.

Seniors, where would you like to go for our class trip?


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A few seniors shared how they are feeling about our year coming to an end and where they would like to go for the final trip.

Senior Kiley Geoghegan explained that as the year comes to an end, it is dragging.  She is not looking forward to the long month of March and leaving her four years behind here at Morgan. Senior Michael Sacta agrees that our four years coming to an end is definitely upsetting. He said he is not looking forward to having to part ways with all of our class, but he is mostly not looking forward to paying taxes.

Michael looks forward to going to new schools, meeting new people, and going out. Kiley says she is looking forward to all the events we have planned like prom, senior skip day, and, of course, they both look forward to graduation.

Senior Noelle Woods says she is so glad to be leaving Morgan. She says it is bittersweet because she is excited to start meeting new people from different backgrounds. Senior Jonathan Blair feels the same way.  He is ready to go. He is upset to leave the teachers he enjoyed at Morgan in his past, however, he is looking forward to prom. Senior Riley Jackson agrees that he is very excited to leave Morgan, but also very grateful he was able to experience his time here. He also says that he is going to miss all of his teachers, especially Mr. Bergman.

Senior Jameson Labrec (Brittany Chapman)

Senior Jameson Labrec has a difference in opinion. He isn’t as excited to leave the comfort of high school because it went by too fast. Jameson said he isn’t ready to be an adult, but he is ready to make a lot of money with his time this summer. So is Riley, who is excited to get a real job and be able to get paid a lot more.

Kiley said she would like to go to Block Island for our trip, although she doesn’t want the teachers to treat us like children while we are there. She would like to be able to have a good time at the beach without being constantly stopped by the teachers. Kiley also voiced her dislike for the idea of going to Clinton Beach with food trucks. She said that going to Clinton Beach would be similar to our “8th-grade graduation celebration, and we have grown from that”.

Noelle says that she truly doesn’t mind where we go. She thinks it should be fun as long as it doesn’t get ruined by irresponsible students in our grade. Riley also thinks that it doesn’t really matter where we go, “Beggars can’t be choosers, a trip is a trip”.

Michael believes that our class will mostly be interested in going to Block Island or Six Flags. He says that he is excited to see our class altogether doing something that is fun. Riley also agreed that Six Flags would be a top destination among our class.

Jonathan, Jameson, and Michael agreed that they would enjoy going to Block Island as well. They also believe Block Island will be the top destination choice of our class.