Class Field Trips: Here’s The News

Mrs. Hagness Shares Details on What’s to Come

In an assembly in January 2022, we found out that each class would be given a field trip at the end of the year. The information given at this assembly was very vague and left students lost and curious.

We have overheard many students talking amongst themselves about this opportunity, and we wanted to learn more about what actually is going to happen. There are so many details that we were curious about, like, how far away can the field trip be? What is the budget? When exactly will it be? How long will it be?

There were so many questions floating around that we had to get to the bottom of it. We went and spoke with Principal Kerri Hagness about these questions. During our interview, Mrs. Hagness gave us a lot of information that will be useful in the planning process.

Mrs. Hagness

She said that overall this is an opportunity to have fun and for each class to bond with one and other. She said she would like for these field trips to be in state. That way we have less travel time and more time at the place, but she said this was up for negotiation.

Underclassmen Eating Lunch in the Gym

Many students and staff wanted to know the budget for these excursions.

Mrs. Hagness told us that the Morgan Trust gave the money in order for each class to have a field trip. She explained that each class has a $3,000 budget. She told us that it is our decision as a class to decide what we want to do for this trip. She believes it is crucially essential for the students to have input.

We have already started talking to some sophomores on what they would like to do for our field trip. There have been a lot of different, interesting answers so far, but there is already a popular vote.

Sophomore Boys

Sophomore Riley Kuever says she would like to go to New York City. Sophomore Tyler Baldwin said he would like to go to New York as well. Other students have other great ideas as well. Some may be out of reach, like Sophomore Sean Davis suggesting we go to Monaco.

We are now gathering information from the students on where they would like our field trip to be, so that way it will be easier to make a final decision.