Mrs. Natale Retires

Mrs. Natale Steps Away from Teaching After a Fulfilling Career


Mrs. Natale

World Language teacher Sue Natale taught Spanish for 20 years in various schools and districts. She has worked in multiple other fields as well and has had to travel to many places because her husband is a member of the Coast Guard.

Before teaching, Mrs. Natale was a flight attendant who specialized in translation. She spent a lot of time in warmer climates. She also worked in the computer industry working with computer-aided design (CAD) which is a program that the engineering courses offered at Morgan use. Where she worked, she supervised the training department as well as helped in the demonstrations and curriculum department.

Morgan is the seventh school that she taught at because she had to move so much due to her husband’s profession. These schools included those at the high school and junior high school level.
While her plans are 100% COVID-19 dependent, she hopes that if the situation gets better, she can travel a lot during retirement. She loves to run, and she wants to participate in a number of races. These races include a 20-mile run at Martha’s Vineyard and a marathon in Utah. When she is in Utah, she plans to visit national parks such as Zion and the Grand Canyon. Mrs. Natale’s daughter is an archeologist who digs in Guatemala, and she plans to visit her there, as well as travel to other Central American countries.
Fellow World Language teacher Laura Luther said that she always enjoys chatting with Mrs. Natale about her family and pets, as well as the experiences she has had in her life. Mrs. Luther said it was a pleasure to work in the Spanish department with her, and she was always prepared to help her students however she could.

2021 graduate Julia Silver said Mrs. Natale was one of her favorite teachers in all of her years at Morgan. Julia said, “Ms. Natale is special to me because she makes her students feel like they can ask questions at any point while also being personable and helping kids with not just Spanish but the whole high school experience.” Julia’s favorite memory was when Mrs. Natale let her teach the class, and it was a great experience overall for everyone in the class.

First picture taken of Sra. Natale at Morgan

Beginning on Monday, January 24th, 2022, the first day of semester 2, a new teacher by the name of Andrea Ragnow will teach Mrs. Natale’s classes. She has been at Morgan to observe the classes recently to get a feel for how the teaching process will go.

Sophomore Tyler Baldwin is taking Spanish with Mrs. Natale now, and he says that he has met the new teacher and is excited about a new learning experience. He said that he only recently found out about the retirement plan in mid-December.
Mrs. Natale will definitely be missed all across the building, and as a school, we are wishing her the best in all of her adventures to come.

“I will say that she has done a fantastic job at Morgan during her time here. I hope that her retirement brings her fun adventures and special time with her family. We will miss her.”
-Mrs. Hagness
“I would like to say that she definitely made an impact on the Morgan School and for me. She was one of my favorite teachers who greatly prepared me for college. Thank you Mrs. Natale”
-Julia Silver
“Although we are sad to see Mrs. Natale retiring, we are excited to see what her future holds. She loves the Spanish language and The Morgan School. We hope she returns one day to visit us.”
-Mrs. Luther