Immigrant from Ecuador Explores Cultural Intersections

Americans and Ecuadorians Share Their Cultures

Kasandra Gutierrez

Kasandra Gutierrez, Guest Contributor

Senior Kasandra Gutierrez created this podcast about cultural intersections of The United States and Ecuador.  She interviews her mother in the podcast and shares her research and knowledge as an immigrant from Ecuador.

Kasandra Gutierrez: I am from Ecuador. My parents immigrated to the United States 16 years ago. After fourteen years, they brought me here. During the time I have lived here, I realized how our Ecuadorian culture influences the people around us.

I realized this especially when I started to work at the restaurant where my mom worked since she arrived here. There are other Hispanic workers there and all of them have influence over the American workers. They taught them Spanish words which helped them understand each other during work. I also share how Ecuador is influenced by American culture because Ecuadorians who immigrate share American culture with Ecuador.