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Covid Vaccines, TikTok, and the Egg McMuffin


5-11-Year-Olds Receiving Covid Vaccines

The Covid-19 vaccine helps protect us against the disease. Luckily, the CDC approved the vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds. Twenty-eight million kids are now able to get this vaccine. Kids from ages 5 to 17 can only get Pfizer vaccines, while the Moderna shots are for people who are 17 and older. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccines are for people 18 and older. This allows families with younger kids to feel more comfortable traveling and hanging out with friends and family. (Newsela and Yale Medicine)

Using TikTok To Spread The Love Of Science

A plant biologist, Katie Murphy works at a science center for plants in St. Louis. Katie has her own TikTok and Instagram accounts where she makes videos called ¨Real Time Science¨. When Katie was in high school, she had a passion for Chemistry. But, Katie wasn’t interested in finding the information. She realized her actual passion was plants when she went to a biology internship. Working with plants lets Katie do so many things, such as getting oil from tobacco plants to use something different than fossil fuels. She also tests to see how plants do when there are droughts. Katie shared that ¨A lot of people think a scientist is a person in a white lab coat, but it’s important to show people who we really are. I want to be a role model of a human being in science.¨ (Newsela)

Booster Shots in California     

Health officials are doing their best to get booster shots to many people in California. 34% percent of the elderly who are vaccinated and older than 65 in California have already received booster shots. Adults can get their boosters 6 months after their second Moderna or Pfizer shots. However, you only have to wait 2 months after their Johnson and Johnson shot. In the future, Covid shots are probably going to become an annual vaccine, like flu shots. These booster shots mainly go to people who work with other people, have been affected by Covid, or live with someone that has a high chance of getting Covid.
(Los Angeles Times)

50 Years of McDonald’s Egg McMuffin

The Egg McMuffin turned 50 years old this November. To celebrate the birthday, the Egg McMuffin was 63 cents like it used to be a long time ago. The Egg McMuffin consists of an English muffin with bacon, cheese, an egg, and butter. Many people add ingredients to the Egg McMuffin to change it up. Some people also order sides with the Egg McMuffin with hash browns, salsa, jelly, chicken, or maple syrup. McDonald’s lets customers ¨customize¨ their McMuffins with different ingredients and versions.
(Fox59 and The Juice)

The Egg Mc Muffin
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