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Brittany Chapman

Pixelott Camera in Gym

Brittany Chapman, Editor

Many people want to watch our Morgan sports games, but unfortunately cannot make it. When the Covid pandemic hit, many families and friends were denied access to their games. Since Morgan runs on the energy of the Dog Pound, Morgan decided to take charge by posting videos on YouTube, and even by launching Google Meets. In order to provide better access, Athletic Director Lewis Pappariella, Technology Director Frank Rossi, the Booster Club, and the National Federation of High School Sports, joined together to bring the Pixellot camera system to Clinton. 

Mr. Pappariella (Brittany Chapman)

Our cameras are placed at Indian River and inside the Morgan gym. These cameras are designed specifically to follow the ball as the game is being played. The camera in the gym is able to record and live stream fencing, indoor track, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, and cheer. The camera at Indian river is able to record and live stream soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse. These teams use their footage during practice to be able to work on their technique and performance, as well as study mistakes they may make during the game. 

Football boys have a different set-up. Since they have an end zone and sideline camera, they are able to record their games and use them on the Hudl app. This app allows coaches to send students their plays, their tendencies, their statistics, every play made, and the team’s statistics. It is a nationwide app, so the team is able to watch the team they’re about to play and see their tendencies, statistics, and past games. According to Senior Cameron Johnson, the football team uses these videos from Friday night games at football practice on Saturdays, which usually takes place at 8 am.

Senior Cameron Johnson (Brittany Chapman)


It cost Morgan 25,000 dollars to put each of the two cameras, and there is a lot more to setting up these cameras than you may think. The camera at Indian River was a struggle because the camera had no wifi to connect to, but with the town’s help and the Park and Rec of Clinton, they were able to put wifi at Indian River to allow the Pixellott system to work. The reason why the cameras were put up in Morgan and at Indian River, is because the football boys already have a camera system, although, Mr. Pappariella mentioned to me when interviewing that this is just the start of the cameras/Pixellott system. He said he would like to see baseball, softball, the school play, and some Eliot games all being live-streamed and recorded soon.  

If you’d like to sign up and watch the games at home, it is only $10.99 a month, or $69.99 annually. There is also a Morgan Athletics Instagram page @morgan_athletics, where you can also get all the updates as to how the Morgan student-athletes are doing.