Student Stressed Out by Schoolwork

Morgan Students Share Their Stressers


Leah Scoppa

Students working on their writing and work.

Teenagers are known as stressed creatures. School, their personal life, and social life all stress them out. Being a student is like a full-time job and that can create a lot of stress for most students. Morgan students say they are very stressed by schoolwork.

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Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, student stress is getting worse. Students are stressed about the amount of schoolwork, how to fit in with their peers, what others think of them, and being a good student. This stress has many bad effects. These include lack of sleep or more seriously, anxiety or depression. Students at Morgan shared what they are stressed about and how they deal with stress. They also shared what could be a solution to end this stress.

Freshman Crisangel Afandor said, “I’m stressed at school because of the large amounts of homework and not enough time to do it.” He also said he wishes he had more time in school to do his homework and take the classes that he wants without having to take a study hall to have in school time to do homework.

Sophomore Julia White said, “there are many aspects as a teenager that cause stress at school. The main source that causes me stress is how grades are looked at as a sign of intelligence. Because grades are said to be so important to a teenager’s future, the main source of stress for me is grades.” She did share how she copes. She said, “a way I cope with this is having some time to relax and de-stress in my schedule.”

Freshman Alyssa Aiken said, “what causes me to be stressed at school is an overload of homework that the teachers give us from all classes.” She also told me that because there are no teams like there are at Jared Eliot Middle School, the teachers do not communicate about what work they are giving and how much of it. She said, “for me as a student, stress comes from activities I do, schoolwork and homework, and trying to stay close to my friends. I barely get to see my friends anymore because some days I just want a break from everything.” As a solution to this stress, Alyssa said, “talking to people you trust and talking to your teachers about anything can be very helpful. If you tell them your situation, they might talk to you about things you can do.” She also said taking time for yourself is important.

Sophomore Aslin Wolfe said, “the most stressful thing for me at school is honestly the school work itself because I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the work or content we are learning. This stress really only stems from having challenges in classes that I need to learn how to take on.” For a solution, she said, “there really is no solution for this stress since it is derived from schoolwork, and there isn’t much we can do about what is taught.”

Junior Muntara Singh said, “I am taking three AP classes this year, and there is a lot of homework, notes, and tests, and it is very stressful trying to balance all of that and sports. More than anything it is just about finding time to do things which means sacrificing family time and break time. You never have any time to yourself, and you are always doing work, work, work, and it is so stressful.”

Senior Noelle Woods said, “For me the people cause stress. This year is the easiest year I’ve

All of my homework and studying that I had to do for one night. (Leah Scoppa)

had so far in terms of classes, but for classes that stress me out, it is usually science or math. I’m trying so hard to pay attention, but I can not wrap my brain around it.” She added, “Usually the people are a big problem that just stays constant.”
Student stress comes from many aspects of school. After listening to many students talk about stress it seems it comes from the work itself, trying to learn it, and also trying to be social and be a teenager.

According to Anxiety and Stress in Teens article published in April 2021, 1 in 10 to 1 in 13 people suffer from anxiety, and 8% of teenagers suffer from an anxiety disorder. The site says teenagers are likely to have stress that will go away, but they can develop anxiety that will worsen. Some symptoms and signs of stress or anxiety are worries, feeling nervous, being restless, wound-up, on edge, being fatigued, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, muscle tension, headaches, and stomach aches.