Two Teachers Both Alike in Dignity

Ms. Rosecrans: long term substitute teacher.


Ms Rosecrans and her kids.

Here at Morgan we encourage our educators to not only teach with passion and patience but with their own creativity. They teach not only to introduce knowledge but to make connections and bonds with students. That is why when Special Education teacher Marc Angelo Ferace left for maternity leave for 7 weeks, Kristen Rosecrans was hired to take his place.
Kristen Rosecrans was a teacher at Kildonan Boarding school for dyslexia for 12 years. She has filled in for Mr. Ferace in the special education classes here at Morgan. Ms. Rosecrans says, “I had big shoes to fill walking in here,” referring to Mr. Ferace’s lik-

ability and strong connections with his students.

Due to her prior experiences with learning disabilities, she definitely knew how to help her students with assignments and learning strategies during her stay. Though she has past experience with special education programs, she also is a certified English teacher with a certain hurrah for Shakespeare. Through her adornment for classic literature and scripts she prefers teaching high school students.

Ms. Rosecrans is none other than an East Coaster for life. She grew up in Upstate New York and attended James Madison University located in Virginia. Currently, she resides in our next door town Madison, CT with her 4 children, 17 chickens, dog and cat. You could say she is a lover of all things animal kingdom. She enjoys days outside on the farm, hiking, or just even playing with her kids in the backyard. Through her love for education and academics, she also likes to teach people how to be one with themselves and the world around them through yoga.

Nonetheless with substitutes they evidently come to their final adieu. Ms. Rosecran’s time here at Morgan though was brief but quite pleasant. The Morgan community is sad to part with a kind and compassionate educator but excited to have back a past friendly face.