2020 Rewind!


Now that the hectic year of 2020 is over, let’s remember some things that have gone on that you may have already forgotten about.. Looking back at 10 popular trends for this year can help you have a better look into the good of 2020.

At Home Workouts
Being in quarantine and even before then, a lot of people got off their couch, turned on an at home workout, and spent their year staying on top of their health. Pop Sugar states that this trend allowed people to save money throughout the year to use “workout classes you can tune in to directly on your iPad, smartphone, laptop, or smart TV in real time.”


The top played song according to Official Charts was “Blinding Lights” by The Weekend. This song hit 2.2 million chart sales with 195,000 downloads and 250 million streams in 2020.
Throwing back to this 60s’ fashion trend, tie-dye made a big reappearance in 2020. Whether it was made at home or bought in stores, this fashion trend had everyone in 2020 putting all different colors together to stand out this past year.
This year the healthcare industry did a lot of work to make sure the community members were safe and staying as healthy as they could. The top searched occupation that people wanted to become during the pandemic in 2020 was a nurse.

New Friends

During the lockdown due to the pandemic, adoption for pets spiked in the year 2020. Mostly dogs and other different animals were fostered from shelters to keep people company and occupied during the quarantine period.

The launch of this app in 2016 had a lot of positive feedback. It became more popular for adults and people of any age range in 2020. The app hit over 2 billion mobile downloads in October of 2020.

Quarantine Hobbies

No matter what age you were this year, everyone was learning new things during the lockdown whether this be some popular hobbies such as cooking, new sports, hiking, or redecorating. There was now a lot more time to get new tasks done and learn new things about yourself.

Movie Nights!

“Netflix Parties” were always popular for streaming new movies and shows with friends, but in the year of 2020 renaming and rebranding this to be “Teleparty” allowed people to keep their social distance while still having the ability to be connected to their friends. This now allowed people to stream Netflix shows and movies with people they weren’t with to have a virtual movie night while feeling as though they were with the people watching the same screen as them!

Streaming Advancements
When Disney+ was introduced in November 2019, it was fighting for streamers along with Hulu and Netflix. In the Spring of 2020 HBO Max joined the race for streaming by announcing that they now were the exclusive home for some fan favorite shows, such as “Friends.” The forthcoming platform. Peacock, was also announced in 2020 to take over the rights to a fan-favorite show, “The Office.”

Disposable Cameras
Another trend that was brought back was taking pictures on disposable cameras. Disposable cameras lost a lot of buyers when phones with cameras were made, but over the past few years, starting in 2018, the sales of these cameras increased by more than 150 percent. The summer of 2020 was a big selling time for the disposable cameras allowing people to capture moments and have them developed later on, maybe even forgetting some pictures they took and having nice memories coming back!

Looking back at some popular moments from 2020 will always be interesting. Now it’s time to start the new trends for the new year, happy 2021!