Morgan PawParazzi: New Year’s Resolutions


Jessie Flanagan shares her New Years resolution

As 2021 approaches, Morgan staff and students have begun to set goals for themselves. Whether it be a new hobby, turning in work on time, or making new friends, it is common to start a new year fresh. We are wishing productivity and prosperity for all members of Morgan in 2021. Check out this video to see Morgan staff and student’s resolutions!

What is PawParazzi?
Founded by Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman, Morgan PawParrazi is a new segment to highlight The Morgan School and what makes it special. We will cover in-school ‘celebrities’ to highlight the diversity of talent and passions that our school possesses, along with new and noteworthy topics that we think the Morgan family should consider. Is there someone you think deserves the spotlight? Let us know! Every Morgan student has a story that should be told!