The Story of Morgan Doors


This is Mrs. Natale’s old room. She is now located in the computer lab, but the door still says her name. This room is now occupied by Spanish teacher Jordan Bean.

Ryan Mansfield, Reporter/Editor

Over the last couple of months, many things have happened in the world that humans can just not keep up with. Students and staff at Mogan are no exception. 


Morgan has seen many teachers come and go within the last couple of months and one of the things that need to be done is to change their doors. Social Studies teacher Jeff Motter, and English teacher Paul Serenbetz retired. Yet, on their classroom doors, their names remain.  Other teachers have moved to new classrooms. Many of the labels on the doors of Morgan remind us of who once taught in those spaces.  Many doors though, are not changed and still say the names of retired teachers. 


Other doors, such as the one that welcomes students to the guidance suite, remind us of the precautions we must take because of COVID-19.