Morgan Feud-Disney Trivia


This week on Morgan Feud, we faced the upperclassmen and underclassmen against each other to see which group knows the most Disney trivia. The questions in this week’s video involved Disney locations, princesses/villains.

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This video’s players (in order of appearance)

Upperclassmen: Francesca Tino, Ciro Falanga, Leah Burdick, Idalys Gonzalez, Abby Eydman

Underclassmen: Caeley Ayer, Logan Pernal, Ariana Franco, Luis Mendez, Aidan Staunton

Questions and Answers:

  1. Where are the two Disney parks located in the U.S? Florida and California
  2. Who is the villain in the Little Mermaid? Ursula
  3. How many Toy Story movies are there? 4
  4. Who was Rapunzel’s best friend? Cameleon (lizard)
  5. How many dwarves are in Snow White? 7
  6. What did Cinderella lose at the ball? Shoe/ glass slipper
  7. How many international Disney parks are there? 11
  8. What princess had a pet tiger? Jasmine