Morgan PawParazzi: What is it Like Being an ECA Student?


Vanessa Horan and the cast of an ECA theatre production

Students by the ECA building

For any student who feels that their passion for the arts are not being met by The Morgan School and its curriculum, dual enrollment with New Haven’s Educational Center for the Arts might be a good fit. The public magnet school grants students from all over the state the ability to pursue their artistic passion, whether it be music, theatre, writing, dance, or visual arts, while also attending their regular high school part-time. Three talented and accomplished Morgan students are currently enrolled in ECA: Senior Vanessa Horan, Senior Annie Kennedy, and Senior Julianne Goodman. From 1:00pm to 4:10pm Monday through Thursday, these students expand their creative potential and explore their own innovative ideas in courses of their choice, ranging anywhere from virtual reality to poetry writing, ballet to theatre production. The Morgan PawParrazi was able to have exclusive interviews with Annie Kennedy and Vanessa Horan about their experience at ECA. 

Annie Kennedy with two friends she met through ECA

What is PawParazzi?
Founded by Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman, Morgan PawParrazi is a new segment to highlight The Morgan School and what makes it special. We will cover in-school ‘celebrities’ to highlight the diversity of talent and passions that our school possesses, along with new and noteworthy topics that we think the Morgan family should consider. Is there someone you think deserves the spotlight? Let us know! Every Morgan student has a story that should be told!