New Sub in the Guidance Office: Mrs. Magnano

Guidance Counselor Nicole Magnano is a long-term substitute  for Moheba Sayed who is on maternity leave. Mrs. Magnano is going to be subbing here until January of 2021 which is when Mrs. Sayed intends to return from maternity leave.

Mrs. Magnano decided to become a guidance counselor in her junior year of college: “I always knew I wanted to work with kids, I just didn’t know in what capacity” After she went back to her old high school and did job shadowing with guidance counselors there, she fell in love with school counseling.

Mrs. Magnano lives in Middletown, CT where she grew up. She then attended Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts where she majored in psychology and graduated with her bachelors degree in 2015. After that, she attended Central Connecticut State University and earned her Masters Degree in School Counseling.

After College, she worked with younger kids while doing her graduate school work as a preschool teacher. She then worked at an outplacement program for kids with autism and behavior disorders for two years.

After Mrs. Magnano graduated with her master’s degree, she got her first job subbing position at Killingly High School. She subbed there for a full year. The following year she subbed for another full year at an elementary school.
Mrs. Magnano has the same responsibilities as any other guidance counselor even though she is only here temporarily. She is currently taking over as the grade 11 and 12 guidance counselor. Right now she is working on senior planning meetings, which is getting seniors ready for the college application process.

“It was very easy, I felt, to acclimate here,” Mrs. Magnano said, “Everyone is very welcoming, so friendly. I love working with the students and staff here.”

Mrs. Magnano is very affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the new protocols that were put in place to defend against it. She said, “In our job, we are very student-based.” She explained that “in the beginning, they weren’t allowing students into our office.”

Welcome to Morgan, Mrs. Magnano!