Morgan PawParazzi: Senior Spotlight Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf during her recent field hockey game.

With fall sports underway, senior field hockey captain Alex Wolf has made some promising strides in representing The Morgan School. We couldn’t think of anyone better to be our first in-school ‘celebrity’ to be highlighted by PawParazzi. As the captain of the Morgan team, Alex demonstrates her leadership both on and off the field. She has an impressive scoring record and there is no doubt she has tremendous ability. In the classroom, Alex is a strong student, distinguishing herself as a Morgan Scholar with an interest in pursuing a scientific career. In this video, you can find an exclusive interview where Alex answers questions regarding her field hockey career!

What is PawParazzi?

Founded by Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman, Morgan PawParrazi is a new segment to highlight The Morgan School and what makes it special. We will cover in-school ‘celebrities’ to highlight the diversity of talent and passions that our school possesses, along with new and noteworthy topics that we think the Morgan family should consider. Is there someone you think deserves the spotlight? Let us know! Every Morgan student has a story that should be told!