Political PawParazzi: What do Morgan Students Think of the Upcoming Election?


This week’s featured article for the Morgan PawParazzi is a look into the Morgan political scene! We took a look into what students think of the upcoming presidential election. Students answered questions regarding who they are supporting for president and what issues are most important to them.

Below you can find a poll posted to the Morgan PawPrint Instagram (@morganpawprint) where we asked Morgan students to answer which candidate they support for president. 64% of the respondents supported Joe Biden, where 36% supported Donald Trump. Students wrote that LGBT rights, environmental protection, reproductive rights, gun laws, police reform, immigration law, COVID-19, protection of civil rights, criminal justice reform, and raising the minimum wage were the most important issues for them.












We’d love to hear more opinions about the election! Vote in the poll below to share your voice on this important issue!

Who do you support in the 2020 presidential election?


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