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    Written by PaulMichael Mullally |

    Leadership is a quality that is often associated with a person who retains a respectable title, supposedly a leader of an organization: president, CEO, or director. However, a title is simply a name defining the person’s position; it does not necessarily coincide with the true qualities of leadership or a leader. Too frequently we subconsciously perceive people with these prestigious titles as ‘leaders’ due to their position or title, but what really defines a leader is continually evolving.

    In recent interviews with Morgan students and staff, The Morgan PawPrint posed questions based on their perception of leadership. According to Shannon Robinson, Morgan’s library-media specialist, “A leader is someone who doesn’t conform to the population, but encourages it to rise to a newer challenge for greater social good.” Robinson continued to develop her definition of leadership, and it eventually led her to, adding this to her definition of a leader: “someone who has the ability to translate vision into reality,” a variable that Robinson was in extreme agreement with. This capability is essential to leadership because it allows a leader to confine to his words or promises and convert that into a matter of honest and true action.

    In an interview, Michael Graham, the history expert, discussed leadership and its difficulties. “Leadership is a quality that a person demonstrates by setting an example of what an expectation is and having the willingness to work side by side with the people that are working on the standard… Leadership is for the common good not for the popularity.” One of the most difficult aspects of leadership is the criticism factor; as a leader, the individual must be willing to take criticism when his or her opinion is not that of the popular opinion or consensus. Constructive criticism is a step-further that demonstrates a leader’s character by his or her ability to take criticism and apply it to his or her skill-set and use it effectively and appropriately. The  opinions of others can always be worrisome for a leader, but a true leader is able to over-come this; Morgan student, Casey Sullivan furthered the validity of this statement by adding “a leader is someone who can make choices and present them without other people’s opinions interfering.”

    What do these multiple definitions of leadership all funnel-down to in terms of this article’s relevance to Morgan?

    Two student leaders here at Morgan presented the idea of a selective-leadership society to Mrs. Hagness in mid-August. The idea is centered around several main objects of leadership (including delegation, communication, self-identity, and project development). Each session will have a guest speaker, including members of UConn’s leadership programs, local politicians and local businessmen, who will discuss several foundations of leadership. Our main purpose of SLS (Student Leadership Society) will be to redefine and form ideal and successful young leaders. Students will channel their learned leadership skills into a school-wide event or group project (possibly a similar event to Swoosh for Change).

    As the close of September nears, Morgan students will be able to apply to the leadership society. Applications are open to any students and can be found in the office. Students will need up to four references, at least one letter of recommendation and complete responses on the application. The two student leaders of this group (PaulMichael Mullally and Liz Bradley) and the two advisors of this group (Ms. DelGrego and Mrs. Luther) will select the students who are ultimately members of the Student Leadership Society. In an ideal world, the coordinators of the society would like to have the first SLS session within the first week of October.

    Access the application here: SLS Application

    For further information please contact PaulMichael Mullally, Liz Bradley, Ms. DelGrego, or Mrs. Luther.

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