Safe and Secure


By Kendra Dean |

After the Sandy Hook Tragedy, schools are upgrading their security. Recently, there have been new additions to the Morgan School security wise. The faculty here at Morgan has to wear I.D. badges, which they use to unlock the side doors and wear throughout the day. Also, the students cannot use the side door, closest to the parking lot  to enter the school.  They now must go to the front entrance to get in the building.

When I spoke with Mrs. Hagness, she said that there will be more additions to security, such as, easier to use, locks for the doors, a sheet of black velcro to cover the windows with just in case there is an intruder, and I.D. badges for visitors. When the new school is built, there will be similar systems but more advanced including a double entry, and shatter-proof glass.

I decided to  get the opinions of teachers and students on how they feel about the additions and whether or not they feel safer. Mrs. Neumann said, ” It’s a positive step to trying to make Morgan a safer place.” She also said that she does feel safe right now.  Ms. White said, ” It’s a good idea. Every school has been adding to their security. It makes everyone feel safe and secure.” Caitlin Massaro said, ” It’s annoying that we have to go in the front door, but I guess it is safer.” Jayde Forbes said, ” I feel safer, but they should open both doors in the morning.”

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