What Students are Missing During Quarantine


Written by: Jonathan Blair

Due to the recent pandemic, many activities that we typically enjoy have been either postponed or canceled. This was necessary in order to protect people from contracting the virus. This did, however, change the daily lives of almost everyone.

Winter Sports Pep Rally 2019

I shared a survey with my peers on Twitter in order to get the most data possible to gain perspective on what people are actually missing during this quarantine.

Almost all those who responded to the survey said they missed their friends and their social life. They are no longer able to interact with the real world as they are stuck in their homes.

Unsurprisingly, when asked what they would do once the quarantine is over, almost everyone who responded said they would see their friends and enjoy their time together once again. It is very hard for people to be separated from the people they care about. Even family members have to be separated from each other and that is a very hard thing to do.

Just because we are all stuck at home, doesn’t mean we cannot occupy ourselves. Some people have said that they are re-designing their rooms, spending time with their families, and working out in their homes.

A sophomore, Alexandra Vera said, “I play tennis and was really excited this year to meet and play with my friends.” Alexandra also said, “Learning online is pretty difficult. It’s hard to ask a question through a screen rather than in person.”

Another sophomore, Tarik Hasic said, “I am missing tennis and swimming, along with messing around with my friends in the hallways.” Tarik added, “I’m planning to go biking around Clinton along with some sleepovers with my friends”.


The survey also asked what people have learned during this pandemic, and there was a wide variety of answers. One answer read that this pandemic has brought people together as a community in that we are all in this together.

Another person responded that they learned not to take life for granted because now that we are quarantined in our homes, people realize how much they enjoyed when they had the freedom to live their typical lives.