Two Local Women make free Masks


Written by Aurora Smith|
Photos by Polly Schumann|

Polly Schumann started making masks as soon as quarantine started. She has made over 300 masks and has given them out for free. She decided to make masks because as soon as the virus started there were reports of nurses and others not having protection which she thought was frightening. Polly also asked, ¨If our healthcare workers got sick who would there be to take care of Corona patients?¨ Polly had cloth laying around from sewing over the years and decided to start making them. Some of her masks made it to the VNA, Child Protection Services, and Middlesex Hospital. Polly’s friend, Cathy Pendleton has made over 600 masks and is a resident in Clinton.

Polly started sewing when she was around 8, using the same sewing machine she uses now. Her Grandmother Ethel taught her how to use the machine, how to take good care of it, and basic sewing and crocheting. She usually makes crafts like Christmas ornaments, bowl cozies, and children’s clothing from fun patterns.

So far Polly has made over 300 masks and stopping counting after that. Polly makes the masks for free but has gotten some wonderful donations along the way. A nurse was very touched by her, so she gave a donation of $100 to help her continue sewing. She also received a lovely jug of maple syrup from Racehill Farms.

Some of the fun patterns she offers!

Making masks during this pandemic has kept her sane! She also feels that her mother and grandmother would feel very proud since they were always helping others and reaching out to people in need. She feels that she is following in their footprints. Some of Polly’s mother’s last words were kind, and Polly now tries to live each day doing that!

Governor Lamont’s face mask order