Ping Pong, Karaoke, and music at The Semi-Formal


Written By Shelby Stamp |
Pictures By Shelby Stamp |

The Winter Semi-Formal was hosted by the sophomore class on Friday, February 21st. The number of students that attended the dance was approximately 125 students.

Admission was $10 dollars at the door. If students bought tickets during the week at lunch, the cost was $7.

Freshman Trinity Caradaro-Hasting

Freshman Trinity Caradaro-Hasting enjoyed karaoke because some kids turned it into a comedy session which was enjoyable to watch.

Freshman Sydney Giuliano’s favorite activity at the Winter Semi-Formal dance was the ping pong table, karaoke, and the music in the gym. The gym felt bigger for dancing because there was no divider in the gym.

Freshman Sarah Williams thought that the Winter Semi-Formal was fine overall and nothing needed to be improved for future dances.