Goodbye and Good Luck

Written by Michael Baker and Liz Bradley|

The Morgan School faculty and students would like to wish Mr. Jacobson, assistant principal, goodbye and good luck.  Mr. Jacobson has been working here for a little over three years and will be missed. Although he is leaving Morgan, he will not be leaving the Clinton Public School system. He will be moving to the Joel Elementary School to teach physical education. When asked why the sudden resignation, he said, “the overall demands of this job with fairness to my family. I feel like I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. I haven’t been able to achieve everything here at school to my level of satisfaction. I don’t feel things are done as well as they should be.” As graduating seniors are realizing what they will be missing, Mr. Jacobson is starting to realize that as well. He said, “the people, students, and teachers, whether it’s the person you see that brings a smile to your face or a teacher that is a rock–they will be missed the most. I’ve grown fond of the students, even the ones that end up in my office too often.”  The job of assistant principal is never an easy task for anyone, but he has managed to complete it with grace. Mrs. Hagness said,  “It’s hard to have your partner leave. I understand and wish him well. He will be a fantastic gym teacher.” The members of the PawPrint and the students and faculty at Morgan wish Mr. Jacobson well.