Starting Your Day with a Bang!


Written by Lucas Morello and Thomas Baker

Photos by Thomas Baker and Lucas Morello

When you get to school in the morning or while leaving in the afternoon, the last thing you want to worry about is getting into a car accident. Sadly, here at Morgan, parking lot anxiety proves to be a big issue on a daily basis. Over the past year, the “student lot” has suffered from several unreported fender benders that have caused widespread concern regarding parking here at Morgan.

Throughout this past school year, there have been at least 4 minor accidents involving scratches and dents. Senior Andrew Daly compares the parking lot to bumper cars rather than a school parking lot. Spanish teacher Senora Peterson said that parking lots give her anxiety; however, the parking lot here at Morgan raises further concern.

Junior Alex Wolf is one of the several victims affected in just the past month. Alex claims that in general people need to be more careful and calm in the parking lot. Senior Ethan Tessman explains that there are so many accidents because “People are rushing to get home and are not paying attention to road rules.”

Most accidents are minor; therefore students do not feel inclined to report them. When asked about the situation in the parking lot, Officer Spencer Mangs and Assistant Principal Mr. Christopher Luther had no clue anything was even going on.

After hearing about the fender benders that have been happening, Mr. Luther has some sage advice for students. He urges students to slow down in the parking lot and make sure they look around and pay attention to their surroundings. Mr. Luther also recommends that students should report the accidents they get into no matter how small. He claims “a little scratch could be $700.”

Students and faculty are more concerned than ever about parking on school grounds. From the rush to be on time in the morning to the bolt to leave at the end, crashes are getting more and more common.

We urge students to be mindful of their surroundings when coming into school and leaving at the end of the day.