A Wonderful Beginning



Written by Kayla Maloney |
Photos by Kayla Maloney |

A new start in a new environment can be very stressful for some people, especially in a high school. The 2012-2013 year we had a new freshman class as well as additions to our faculty. These new teachers seemed to adjust easily to The Morgan School.

Mr. Richetelli came in as our new accounting and personal finance teacher. He seemed to enjoy his first year in Accounting, a full year class: “My first year was hard, but very rewarding. I plan to become more efficient with the years to come.” He was one of many teachers who used a website to keep students  posted on what was going on in class. “ I used my website not for homework, but class assignments.” Knowing that many new teachers will be entering The Morgan School next year, he gave this piece of advice:  “Don’t be afraid to ask for help!”

Ms.White, our newest math addition to The Morgan School, had a great first year. “It was fun. Sometimes it became overwhelming, but it’s making me look forward to my second year, being more familiar with the school. Everyone here made me feel welcome.” She had plans for next year to make things more organized: “I will challenge my students more–take it into a deeper level.” She had a piece of advice for new teachers entering the school: “ Be sure to be very organized; take time to form relationships with students and take advice from all teachers.” After hearing about her first year, I needed to know what she liked most here at Morgan, and here is what she said: “ All of the opportunities that I am given with my students.”

Our newest guidance counselor, Mrs. Capobiano also had a great first year. “It was wonderful; everyone was like a family. I felt very comfortable asking questions. I learned an incredible amount from my students. They’re so inspirational. You never feel alone here. You’re always supported.” Next year Mrs.Capobianco plans to reorganize her office and take more time getting to know her seniors since she had such little time with them this year. “For all new teachers, stay organized, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are human.  Humans do make mistakes.”

Mrs. Corbett, who jumped into action teaching mid-year, is a teacher in our technology department as well as photography.She said her first year was very busy! “ Next year I plan to have a better sense of how long things take and plan better.  This year was just so busy,” said Mrs.Corbett. “Here at Morgan I love how supportive everyone is. It’s a very welcoming environment.” After her experience her first year at Morgan, she gave a piece of advice for all new teachers: “ You can never spend too much time planning!”

These teachers’ first year was  a wonderful experience for them all.  Next year appears to be promising to them, and they all have plans for the fall. The Morgan School gave a great welcome to these new teachers. and with a series of new additions coming next year, I am confident that everyone will give them the same great experience which was offered to Ms. White, Mr.Richetelli, Mrs.Corbett, and Mrs.Capobianco. Thank you for all your hard work on your first year!