What Does it Take to be TikTok Famous?


Written by Victoria Le |

TikTok is a social media network used to post lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. It has become very famous among teenagers and people around the world. The app features short-form mobile videos. Many people have even gotten famous off the app and make money off of each video they post.

TikTok used to be called Musical.ly. The Chinese company, ByteDance bought Musical.ly and turned it into TikTok on August 2, 2018.

Members of The Morgan Pawprint created a TikTok account and posted videos to see what it takes to get famous. We made TikToks for a whole week and watched the views and likes of each video to see how we progressed throughout the week.

We uploaded our first TikTok on Thursday, January 2. We got 500 views and 33 likes. The dance we did was called ‘Renegade” and the music is Lottery by K Camp. Renegade was one of the most popular dances ever on TikTok since it was launched.

On our second day, we did dances to the songs Say So by Doja Cat and Tasty Carrots by Shou. We got a total of almost 350 views and 35 likes that day. This song and dance was also one of the most popular dances at the time.

Our third day got 107 views and 23 likes. We did a dance to a Spongebob Squarepants remix.

On our fourth day, we only got 59 views. This TikTok got the lowest amount of views throughout the week. We didn’t get as many views because this trend was popular over the summer and died down. We tried to bring the trend back, but we were unsuccessful. The dance/comedy was to the song Chinese New Years by SALES.

On our fifth day, we did a dance to the song SUGAR by BROCKHAMPTON. This video got 123 views and 22 likes.

On our final day of this experiment, we did a dance to Woah by $WAVE and the Renegade dance again. We got the total of almost 300 views and 21 likes.

Did we become famous? No, we did not. We came to a conclusion that a week isn’t enough time to gain TikTok fame, but some people become famous with just one video. Is it luck?