Santa’s Sneaky Elves Destroy O’Brien’s Classroom


‘Tis the season of giving here at Morgan and English teacher Mr. Carroll had an idea of how to spread a little holiday spirit. He wanted to begin a new tradition and transform classrooms into a winter wonderland. Previously, Mr. Carroll worked at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk, and the staff there had a tradition of decorating a teacher’s room for the holidays.

Classroom decorated for Christmas at Mr. Carroll’s previous school

Mr. Carroll nominated fellow English teacher Heather O’Brien for the room makeover and the rest of the English department staff immediately got to work. Each person that volunteered to help signed up for a part of the decorating. The journalism class made colorful paper chains to be strung across the ceiling of her room and snowflakes that were hung from lights and desks. Ms. Fairbanks’ English class made gingerbread men that resembled the teachers of Morgan.

Monday afternoon, after Mrs. O’Brien left for the day, Mr. Carroll, Mrs. Mazzarella, Mrs. Fairbanks, Mrs. Chausse, Maggie Guba, Kiara Suarez, Aidan Solivan, and I gathered all of the lights, wreaths, snowflakes, and paper chains and made our way down to her room.

After about an hour of decorating, Mrs. O’Brien had a room filled with holiday spirit.

Below is a time-lapse of the decorating process.