Felicitaciones and Bienvenue to the Spanish and French National Honor Society


French and Spanish National Honor Society

Photos by Abby Eydman |
Article by Caitlin Rohrbacher |

On Tuesday, December 10th, selected students were inducted into the French and Spanish National Honor Society. This ceremony took place at The Morgan School, and students attended with their parents.

The induction started with the French National Honor Society. Upperclassmen said a few words about the French National Honor Society and what it means to be a part of it. They gave a warm welcome to their new members, and then the ceremony began with the lighting of candles and an oath that students swore to uphold their duties.

The Spanish National Honor Society began shortly after the French induction finished. The audience was given a quick speech about the history of the society followed by an introduction and a poem. The new members then lit their red candles, swore under an oath and signed their name in a book.

Students and parents celebrated at a reception afterward with cake and drinks.

New Members of the Spanish National Honor Society:
Sophomores: Isaac Adler, Angelina Comiskey, Natalia Comiskey, William Curry, Jessica Flanagan, Alexander Fratamico, Kasandra Gutierrez, Tarik Hasic, Taylor Maher, Ryan Mansfield, Timothy McComiskey, Caitlin Rohrbacher, Carlos Sanchez-Castaneda, Cailan Steahle, Alexandra Vera
Juniors: Dylan Ayer, Sarah Dautrich, Isabella Dowd, Madeline Dunham, Cameron Esler, Sarah Gaetano, Isabela Irizarry, Emma Lindsay, Norimar Lopez, Hilary Montenegro, Owen O’Donnell, Britney Ortiz, Rachael Pellegrini, Francesca Tino
Seniors: Emma Blair, Jillian Crowley, Vicky Hu

New Members of the French National Honor Society:
Juniors: Callie Andrews, Meagan Dundon, Loulia Khalifa, Megan Jenkins, Isabella Novicki, Alexander Urban