Dodge for a Difference Team Wins For Five Straight Years


Dodge For A Difference 2019

Written by Caitlin Rohrbacher|
Photos by Caitlin Rohrbacher and Kiara Suarez|

This year, 16 teams competed in Dodge for a Difference. The Alumni team won for the fifth year in a row. The team’s first win was its freshman year at the Morgan School.

Pictured Below are some of the players on the Alumni Team:

Players on the Alumni Team were A.J Fritz, Bailey Hornyak, Mike Menacho, Juan Avila, John Inglis, Carter Skidmore, Garrett Johnson, Nate Hornyak, Cole Hornyak, Ray Seward, and Jack O’Sullivan.

Crowd members expressed their excitement by cheering loudly for their favorite teams. Many people predicted that the Alumni Team would take home yet another victory this year. The championship game was between the Wet Bandits and the Alumni. The Wet Bandits were a senior team with Kyle Suraci as captain. The Alumni prevailed with Jack O’Sullivan as the captain.

This fundraiser raised around $2,700 this year that will go to Morgan families in need. Thank you to all of the participating teams!

Special Thanks To:

Organizers: Mrs. Chausse, The Luthers, Mrs. Obrien

Referees: Mr. Corrigan, Mr. Siciliano, Mr. Pappariella, Mr. Buchetto

Emcee: Mr. Luther

Bracket Organizer: Ms. Lynch

Staff: Mrs. Cozzolino, Mrs. McDonnell