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Written by Sarah Williams |
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Freshman Jeet Patel is a writer. He has produced many writings throughout his middle school and high school life. Two books he completed are Pumpkin King and Logan, Noah and the Unknown Island. Currently, he is working on The Era.

Jeet Patel

Of his two books, the most popular and well-known book is The Pumpkin King, which he started writing back in middle school. He co-wrote this book with Dev Patel, Noah Borkowski, and Trenton Meadows. However, Jeet’s favorite book is actually his play, Logan, Noah, and the Unknown Island. There is a website where his published works can be found under the category of “Jeets Books”.

Some of his favorite characters in his books are himself because he is a villain in one of them and a good person in the other. Jeet writes because it is fun, and he can write about anything and use his imagination or a true story. He first wrote stories with his cousin, which was soon named The Pumpkin King with many more parts to it.

Jeet’s Website includes summer reading options, lunch menus for everyday, links to his books, the Morgan website and the Morgan Pawprint. I recommend reading his books and visiting his website, as it is very helpful to have a website that includes information about the school.