Money is the Motivation

Money is the Motivation

Written By Maria Putnam |

Let’s state the obvious, nobody likes working. Having to go into a job at at inconvenient hours, for as long as the company needs you instead of hanging out with friends. Being 16 through 18 you are probably getting paid minimum wage on top of the crappy hours, so why bother? Not to mention that jobs are very limited with the economy and with our age bracket. Getting a job at a young age while still in high school teaches you responsibility and how to manage your money. Students need to learn not to be so picky and to focus on the positive for motivation and determination to start their income. As I’ve been told my whole life, “You have to start somewhere.” Where to start though?

The motivation that can be unbearably hard to find sometimes, will be your best friend in the end. Without any motivation where are you going to  get the drive to actually get up and go to work? This motivation can not be a part time feeling either. Having a job, especially if it is your first job, you are expected to be reliable constantly. If you flake out on an eight hour shift for a poor excuse or miss multiple shifts within a month, you are most likely going to get fired. Remember, there is always someone just as good or maybe even more qualified than you that they can hire, the company is not worried about it, but you should be. You got the chance to prove you have a good work ethic, so take advantage of your resources and put forth your best work. The work may not be your top choice, but you are getting paid to most likely be doing silly little jobs, and who knows, the boss of your first job may be the one writing you a letter of recommendation for a higher quality job in the future. Find motivation in the fact that you can say you actually have a job. Nobody is embarrassed to say they have a job, no matter where it is. Do not limit your options of employment just because others will think it is “lame” to work certain places. Whether it is lame or you don’t really like it, you are still getting paid, and everybody likes getting paid. Money is a major motivator. Plus, being able to not have to rely on others for money gives you a sense of self confidence. As I said, you have to start somewhere.

The determination to actually get a job should also be a top priority. With the economy and lack of jobs today, you are sadly mistaken if you think you will be hired from simply handing in an application with your personal information on it, with maybe a few references. Most of the time places do not take the time to call. Whether it is your first job or not, most students do not have a full resume that they hand into jobs, simply because they are so young and are new to the work place. So you hand in a piece of paper with your name, address, social security number, a few classes you’ve taken, and a reference or two … now what? Most students make the excuse of simply handing in an application and having the attitude that, ” If they want to hire me, they will call.” Wrong, wrong, wrong. As I stated before, you have to remember being so young there will always be somebody more qualified than you and capable of working more hours. So why should they hire you in the first place? Call them after a week or so to show them you are determined and that you really want to work, especially for them. If you do not show any interest by calling frequently or asking to speak with someone directly about the job more, they will put your application to the side or just throw it out. I’ve had several jobs, and on many occasions, I  have seen younger students come in for interviews, watch them walk out with a simple thank you, and then watch my manager put their application in the trash–not because they would not be good enough for the job, but because they did not show any interest. Show them you have motivation and determination. You just have to put yourself out there and keep trying. It may sound silly, but even if a place does not have a hiring sign out, walk in anyways! There is no harm in putting in an application because now you are on file at that place. Somebody may get fired tomorrow and your file could be pulled up. Put yourself out there.

Again with the obvious, no one wants to work, but it is a part of life. Find that motivation and determination! Remember, you have to start somewhere, but you’ll never know where you’ll end up.

Looking for a job? Go to the bulletin board outside of guidance to see places hiring! Also, local students can try The Clinton Premium Outlets, Stop & Shop, ShopRite, and Dunkin Donuts. Craigslist is also a good source to look for local jobs!