Giving His All

Written by Jose Vincent |

Scott Massaro is a graduating senior who has been in Mrs. Len’s Work Worlds class and has worked with Mrs. Cozzolino. Scott is a very personable young man who has worked hard here at Morgan. Scott will be attending the STRIVE Program in Clinton, CT. Strive is a non-profit organization that helps kids with disabilities get work training and life skills.

Scott has done very well here at Morgan and has impacted people’s lives in amazing ways. Scott started off his freshman year very shy and not very talkative, but he has grown so much as a person that he chats with people and interacts very well. Teachers are very proud of him.  They say he is a pleasure to have in their classes. Scott has given teachers many great memories.

Mrs. Len said, ” We went on a class trip to New York City two years ago, and it’s funny because Scott was really into the weather. It was gorgeous in Clinton so we went to New York, and it was raining, but Scott had a great time even though it was rainy.” Mrs. Dow said, ” My favorite memory was attending the prom with him. He loved to dance.” Mrs. Cozzolino said, “my best memories of Scott are when he came in as a freshman; he was shy and not very talkative at first but seemed to really enjoy the class. He was happy that he was sitting with a lot of friends from Eliot.”

Here is a goodbye message from Mrs. Cozzolino ” I want Scott to know he has given me so much enjoyment over the last four years.  Every time I work with him  I laugh, and he is just a wonderful person. I know he’s going to be successful because he just really gives his all, and he’s funny, witty, interested in people. He’s just a joy”

Congratulations also to Jeffry Gianini, Katie Mastrianna, and Danielle Zarro who also graduate from Mrs Len’s Program!

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