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    Final Exams


    Written by Mikhela Hull|

    The end of the year is approaching, but it’s still not summer time yet! As soon as teachers begin handing out final exam reviews, students are hit with the harsh realization that school isn’t over.

    Final exams begin on Thursday June 20th and continue until Tuesday June 25th. The final exam schedule starts with the A period exam and ends with a G period exam on Tuesday. The first exam starts at 7:45 am and goes for two hours until 9:45 am. There is a fifteen minute break in between the first and second exam. During the break, the cafeteria and library are open for quiet studying. The second exam for each day begins at 10:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm.

    On Tuesday, all students will only take the G period exam and can leave at 9:45 am unless they have a make-up exam. There are three opportunities to make up an exam. On Tuesday at 10:00 am until 12:00 pm is the first make-up exam. There will be two opportunities on Wednesday. All students must remain in their classrooms for the full two hours. They should all be prepared with something to do, such as studying for other exams, after they are finished. Buses will be available for transportation to and from school on exam days. They will pick up students at the normal school day time, and pick them up from the school at 12:00 pm. On Tuesday, students will be picked up from the school at 9:45 am. On Wednesday, there will not be a bus available. All students must be present at exams, but the seniors have an opportunity to be exempt from finals. If any seniors have a second semester average of a 90 or better in the course, they can be exempt from the final with the teacher’s permission.

    Advice from Teachers and Students:

    Ms. Wickam, English: “Start now, pace yourself, and study a little bit each day.” Cramming in the night before or not studying enough can be your downfall. Start early, but manage time appropriately.

    Paige Koizy, Freshman: “Study with friends.” It may sound simple, but if you do not know one piece of information your friends may know it. Working with friends can increase the amount of work one gets done and can be fun too!

    Patrick McAllister, Junior: “Organize. I have a finals binder with different sections for each subject; it helps me a lot when it comes to studying for the exams.”

    Liz Bradley, Junior: “Use the study guide your teacher gives you. They don’t hand them out just for fun.” Teachers are serious about what is going to be on the exam. What they put on the study guide will be on the test and it will help to study those topics.

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