What are Your Summer Plans?

Written by Katt Wilkinson |

Pictures by Katt Wilkinson |

June 26th–SCHOOLS OUT! and that means June 27th is here, and kids are staying out late, sleeping in, enjoying beach days, Six Flags, and just being outside as much as possible.

Summer is a season where freshman are no longer freshmen anymore; sophomores are finally considered upperclassmen; juniors become seniors and have to get ready to decide what college they want to go to, and finally seniors are getting ready to go  from one world to another, their first year of college.

I surveyed  students and teachers about their summer plans.  Mr. Luther,  a science teacher said, ” I will be watching my kids play baseball, spend time with my animals. Since I like gardening,  I will be doing that, and try to take my kids to the Bronx Zoo.” Two teachers in the rescource wing, Mrs. Butkus and Mrs. Cockley, have summer plans as well.  Mrs. Butkus’s plans are, “busy getting my daughter ready for college, boating, and a little bit of traveling.” Mrs. Cockley said, “my kids are going to soccer camps so I will be relaxing and visiting colleges with my daughter.” Mrs. Whittel another teacher from the science wing said that, “I will be camping in Shenandoah National Park, taxing my children around for play dates, and crying about the seniors graduating.” We will miss you as well, Mrs. Whittel!

Mr. Underwood from the mathematics department said that he will mostly be painting, carpentering, and working in Maine on his house which is on an island. Mr. Samet from the mathematics department said his plans for the summer were, “to survive,” and  “To take care of my wife, take a vacation and relax this summer. ..To watch as many Yankee games as possible.” Well, Mr. Samet,  I’ll be watching many Yankee games as well!

Ms. Rizzo from the history wing said that she will be going to sin city ( Las Vegas) with Mrs. Shugrue, a math teacher, and she will  take care of her dog, and zumba”  Some students  have interesting summer plans. Tim Neri will be playing summer baseball, hanging with friends, and getting ready for college. Ryan Donovan and Ryan Reynolds will be swimming, going to the beach, and hanging with friends as well as getting ready for college. Destiny D’Zacomo plans on going to Block Island and is getting surgery on her tonsils. Hope you feel better after!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer. Underclassman will be back Tuesday the 27th of August. Good luck to all SENIORS heading off to use what they learned at Morgan to be a success in their future!